CMAA’s mandate in mine risk education (MRE) is to coordinate all landmine/ERW risk education activities and to strengthen the provision of mine educational messages to the right target groups. MRE is provided by a wide array of operators, including the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Commissariat-General of the National Police, Cambodian Red Cross (CRC), the National Center for Peacekeeping Forces and ERW Clearance (NPMEC), Cambodia Mine Action Center (CMAC) and Cambodia Mine/ERW Victim Information System (CMVIS). Non-government organizations also conduct MRE sessions such as the HALO Trust, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), Japan Mine Action Services (JMAS), Cambodian Self Help Demining (CSHD) and Spirit of Soccer (SOS).

In 2014, MRE operators have reached 136,879 women, 211,178 men and 229,065 children all over the country. Developed landmine/UXO risk education messages and pictures with consultation with all MRE Operators that were printed in 38,566 pieces of posters and books. Also printed on these materials were the phone numbers of provincial authorities and the police to increase the detection and destruction of landmines/UXOs. The materials with funding support from the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) were distributed to all operators for further dissemination. As a result, risk education teams received 16, 989 reports on the presence of landmines/UXOs; operators collected and destroyed 80,981landmines and UXOs.